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Did you know that weight management is possible through hypnotherapy? Eddie Burke MNCH NCP (senior accredited) offers weight management hypnotherapy at reasonable prices.

Subconscious suggestion for weight management

It goes without saying that your mind controls all your activities. The same is true for your eating habits as well. Weight management hypnotherapy works on this principle. Once your mind is programmed to eat less, you’ll start eating in a balanced manner which will work wonders for your weight management programme.
Hypno-Gastric Band treatment

Hypno-Gastric Band treatment

After reading a success story where a mother weighing 15 stones 6 pounds had lost almost four stones in weight after a treatment by a Spanish hypnotherapist, our therapist, Eddie Burke MNCH NCP (senior accredited) developed his own method which was inspired by that Spanish hypnotherapist’s method. This method is called Hypno-Gastric Band treatment. It involves creating an 'illusion' in the unconscious mind of the patient that they have had a gastric band fitted. 
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Our weight management hypnotherapy is

  • Safe and painless 
  • Personalised to suit individual needs
  • Recommended when traditional weight management methods don’t work 
  • Based on convincing your subconscious mind to eat less
It can help your mind convince you to eat in a balanced manner.
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