Customer testimonials for Eddie Burke; counselor, hypnotist and life coach

“Hi Eddie, Thank you ever so much for helping me. I know it's only been two days, but I've noticed a difference already. I've been out for two meals one on the day to test it. Straight away, it worked. Didn't want anything else after that. Yesterday, again the same thing went out for a pre-booked lunch with family and only ate a main course, no starter, no pudding. It's amazing and knew it would be."

- Jason, Stone, Staffordshire 

“My clothes don’t fit me any more since I came to see you, it’s truly amazing.”

- Kath, Ball Green

“You serviced my mind for less than it costs to service my car!”

- John, Bentilee

"I have been dealing with Eddie now for the last 2 years and would recommend this business."

- Simmons78

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